AD Cleaup Export to CSV issue


Guesst what. Found an interesting feature today. When exporting the results from AD cleanup into CSV format… The “AdDistinguishedName” field makes the export completly useless… Since the computername has ALOT of commas in the name… :smiley:

Maybe change that so the csv actually can be used?`

Kind regards,

Hi Christian,

What version are you running? I’m pretty sure we fixed that issue a couple of months ago.

Thanks much!


Eherm. You are SOO right…

Tag on - Feature request. In console notification on Updates to Recast is available. (Just like CM does…) Please :slight_smile: - (This way I can stop making an xss of myself on public forums)

Br, Christian

Haha, no worries. We actually added that in a recent version as well. If you go into the Recast Software node at the bottom of Assets and Compliance in the latest version, it has versioning info, and it should notify of a newer version. Also, if you go into Configure Recast RCT or your Recast Management Server settings if you are running one, there should also be an option for popup notifications on bugfix or major version updates.



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