Devices not showing when selecting users and directory info

When right clicking a user selecting the option to see User Devices the window comes up but nothing is displayed even though there are devices associated with the user. Advanced Collection information is not displayed either.

When selecting a user or device and attempting to do anything directory related, security groups are not displayed. I can search for a security group but when attempting to add the object to a security group an error is thrown with the following:

Exception calling “Add” with “1” arguments: “Exception from HRESULT: 0x800005000”

I can access the directory directly using ADAC as the same user and complete the task with no issues.

It appears as though any right click tool that references information in another part of the console does not show. Another example is when checking content status on a application. Window pops up but nothing ends up displaying

The Active Directory tools rely on AD Discovery data to function. In particular, the distinguished name field will need to be populated on any user objects. 0x80005000 indicates that the object could not be found in AD which would be the case if we were searching for a null DN.