Feature Request - Evaluate baselines on individual or collections

I have been using RCT for a couple years and it has been a huge help and fills a lot of the gaps in SCCM. I have been getting more and more requests to build baselines for monitoring compliance and of course they want the results right now or 10 minutes ago. Any chance you could build in a function to kick off evaluating the configuration baselines like you do with computer or user policies?

thanks, CH.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider it for the next release. We’ve received this feedback before and we actually have some code written to do this, we just haven’t built a tool around it yet.

This was a great idea and something that I have been looking for with the need to evaluate Windows 7 ESU compliance. I even in Enterprise Tools I can’t see that this ever got implemented. Is that correct?

We were a little later than “the next release”, but this feature shipped in 4.1 inside of the Remote Software Center.

Great to know thanks :smiley: