Issue with Client * on Deployment tools in 2.4

I’ve been having issues running any of the client actions on deployment tools. They fail to run as they detect computer is off but they are not. In the name field it lists the computer name as well as it’s resourceID so I’m assuming it’s trying to connect to the computer using this invalid string.

Example: Running the rerun Deployment action will yield in the output ComputerName,resourceID | Off

I still had an old installer from march 2015 version and these same actions work just fine.

You are correct, it’s trying to use the resource ID appended to the device name. This is a bug in this version - if you perform all of the edits from this post: Number appended to device name
and this post: Number appended to device name
it should fix the issue.

It will be fixed in the next version.

Ah Thank you! I overlooked that one. I’ll make those edits for the time being.