Number appended to device name

When I use, for example, the “Rerun deployment” tool, in the dialog box that shows the successful and unsuccessful device operations each name is followed by a long number - and all the actions fail:

For example, from the log section at the bottom of that dialog box:

15:19:06 - Pinging F39-24-I5,16777811 was unsuccessful
15:19:06 - Pinging G07-01-C2D,16778134 was unsuccessful
15:19:06 - Pinging FBLAP061,16778140 was unsuccessful

The actual device names are correct, and they can be pinged at the time I ran that tool - I do not know where the appended numbers have come from, but they do seem to be a cause or symptom of the action failing.

Also, In the “Unsuccessful” grid at the right of that dialog box each device shows an error message of “Off” - but if I select one and launch a new tool, for example the Resource Explorer", it connects to the device correctly as expected.

I think this is new since I installed V2.4 - I’m not positive, as I only used the previous 2,x version a couple of times before upgrading, but a similar operation did work then and I don’t remember seeing those numbers appended.

Any advice, please?

That number is the ResourceID of the device, though it shouldn’t be appended to the device name. This would be a new issue in this version as some work was done to try to keep track of ResourceIDs within the tools so that tools that require ResourceID would work when launched from within the right click tools. I can reproduce the issue on my end, it looks like a bug in Deployment - Rerun Deployment.ps1.

A quick fix is to add the insert the following at line 74 in Deployment - Rerun Deployment.ps1:

        $ResourceID = $CompName.Split(",")[1]
        $CompName = $CompName.Split(",")[0]

Lines 73 - 76 should look like this:

        $CompName = $SyncTable.ComputerArray[0]
        $ResourceID = $CompName.Split(",")[1]
        $CompName = $CompName.Split(",")[0]

Hi, Chris, thanks for such a speedy response.

I’ve applied the fix you provided, and the Resource IDs no longer display in the action status dialog box, but the actions still don’t seem to work - I have just re-run a large deployment as a test, and all 528 devices are shown as unreachable:

09:20:39 - Pinging F02-01-IC2 was unsuccessful
09:20:39 - Pinging G66-02-I3 was unsuccessful

Each one still shows as “Off” in the error message entry.

This is definitely a bug in this version - I’m able to reproduce it on my end as well. I’m not sure yet what the issue is, but I will work to fix it for the next release. In the mean time, I would roll back to an earlier version if you need this feature.

OK, Chris, will do. Thanks very much for your time with this issue.

I have this problem as well. Where do we download previous versions of the software?

I’ve uploaded the 2.3 version here:

After reviewing the script further, you should be able to add the following at line 64 to make it work:

$Directory = $args[1]

Lines 63 - 65 should look like this:

$ThreadNumber = $args[0]
$Directory = $args[1]
Import-Module "$Directory\Functions-Universal.ps1"

Adjusting line 63 in the powershell script did not help, but downgrading to version 2.3 did resolve the problem. Thanks for making that available.