Poll: Features/Plugins

The following is a list of our future development ideas around the product. The list is purposefully vague, we are looking to find out where our customers are most interested in us developing additional tools in the desktop client and mobile apps.

  • Office365 User Actions
  • Google Apps Actions
  • Lab Manager Plugin
  • SharePoint Plugin
  • File Browser (mobile)
  • Log Viewer (mobile)
  • Azure VM Computer Actions
  • Exchange Plugin

Howdy, it would be great if I could select assets or groups of devices and run various fixes on them when troubleshooting update deployments here: \Monitoring\Overview\Deployments"deployment name"\ on the Error tab Total assets list (Outlined in dark green in the image below).

Such as “rerun deployment” and all the other commands including power shell scripts as I can currently run at the tree level here: \Monitoring\Overview\Deployments\ (Outlined in lime green in image below).

Then I can pinpoint the repairs required to fix the specific needs of each of these sub collections, and not have to hit all systems with errors with a fix that might break something else.

Thanks again for the such a useful set of tools. Every time I use RCT’s I’m glad I took the time to complete the request process for the full paid version of this product.

Best regards,


Thanks for the great idea Dan!