Possible to hardcode WoL Broadcast Address?

Our workstations go from a user VLAN to a logon VLAN once the user logs out or shuts down their workstation. The SCCM heartbeat or Inventory data may not contain any entries for this subnet for that particular workstation (SCCM doesn’t know about it if it just quickly shuts down).

We always know the subnet that our workstations will be on in either a logged off or shut down state. Is it possible for us to just hard code the subnet or broadcast address address that the WoL packets are sent to?

We only need it to look up the MAC address in the SCCM computer object. Then send it to where we tell it. Is this possible in the config files somewhere?


Thanks, this is good feedback and similar to other feedback we’ve received. We don’t have a way to do this today, but it’s on the list of future features to add.


Thanks Chris. We will just use Powershell to do the above and a scheduled task for now which is working. We will look forward to this feature in the future though if it happens.

This feature has been added to Right Click Tools, if you download the newest version you should have the ability to manually specify the subnet.