Release versions?

If someone has turned off checking for updates and/or they don’t have Internet access, how can they tell what version is available without downloading and installing it?

IOW, is there any page with information identifying the latest version? Any kind of change log or release notes?


More to come soon on this one-- :slight_smile:

Congrats on the new site.

However… There is still no info on version, changes, releases or a comparison between RCT Enterprise and RCT Community.

A license statement would be good too. Can I distribute RCT Community within my workplace (or beyond), or does each tech need to register?


Hi teknowledgist–

We’ve made some updates in addition to the new site that you may have missed. Version, change log, and release information for RCT can be found on the wiki change log ( --> Resources --> Wiki): Change Log

Comparison information is available in a few places:

RCT Community is permitted to be shared within your organization.

As always, feel free to reach out anytime with questions, thanks!

Changelog still hasn’t been updated for RCT3.1 – I couldn’t attend the webcast and have no idea what the new features are.

Shouldn’t changelog be published the same time as new binary?

My point here is that I can’t see any way to tell if I have the latest release short of (constantly) downloading and re-installing.

What I’m looking to do is have a scheduled script check for the current download version and alert me if the version is higher than what I am currently deploying to my techs. I will then manually log in and download to comply with the EULA.

If I go by the change log, then there hasn’t been a release since November. I have better things to do with my time than scan/compare feature lists and YouTube videos for the latest bug fixes.


Thanks for the feedback, all. We’ll look into a more robust update/change process for the future.

Any progress on this? Will the v3.2 download have any indication of the version, or will the information on the page and the download file still only be labeled “latest”?


Downloads should have the version included now. You can view a JSON list of all 3.2+ releases here:

This list will update as we release new bugfix or feature versions.