Some Right click tools in a result window are not working

In a result windows , for example a Ping deployment result window, some right click tools are not working.
The following tools do not react:

  • Client Tools - Client Information
  • Client Tools - Open Client Installation Log Folder
  • Client Tools - Open client log file folder
  • Client Tools - Rerun Advertisement
  • Client Tools - Show collections - advanced
  • Console Tools - AD security groups
  • Console Tools - Connect to C$
  • Console Tools - Interactive Powershell prompt
  • Console Tools - Manage computer
  • Console Tools - Open Regedit
  • Console Tools - Running Processes

I think the reason ist that all these menu points can only run on one system simultaneous.
But wen I highlight only one system maybe their will be a way to activate them.
It would be very helpful for example to connect directly to c$ of a successful pinged machine.

Thanks for reporting the issue. This was a copy / paste mistake when reworking how some of the tools were launched - the single device tools were formatted a bit differently than the rest of the tools. This should be fixed in the new version uploaded this morning (2.5.6163).

Thanks for fixing the issue, it’s working now.