Updates needed - is this from SCCM data or separate Recast query?

We use RCT Enterprise to monitor and improve our success with Microsoft updates via SCCM.

Does Recast use the SCCM database to provide information about patch deployment or does it launch its own queries to the client Windows systems independently? We are trying to see real-time status information not dependent on various SCCM client and server update delay.

The SUDS dashboards are based on the SCCM database, while the Install Missing Software Updates tool is based on the data in Software Center on the remote device.

Are you looking to scan the list of installed updates on the remote machines and compare that to the data that’s in the SCCM database?

Thanks for your quick response and explanation. This is very helpful.

Yes, we are trying to find out what patches are really installed on our systems. We have a relatively small patch window and SCCM’s built-in (sometimes delayed by hours or even days) status reports are not doing it for us.

It is great that “Install Missing Software Updates” contacts the remote system directly.

Occasionally, I have seen the Software Center be at odds with the information in Add/Remove Programs locally. Is that something you have encountered, as well?