A job has timed out

Using the console extension when accessing “Software Updates Deployment Status” I get and Error “A job has timed out” and I get the results as ’ unknown’ with the black pie chart. I have changed the server name to be short name rather than FQDN, however, the issue still the same… any idea

Hi there,

When you have a second, can you confirm if the issues persist if you upgrade to version 5.1.2305.507? You can download the latest version here: https://portal.recastsoftware.com. There were code changes that should help optimize the performance for this dashboard for you. Recast Software Version 5.1.2305.507 | Recast Docs



hi Branden,
I have upgraded to version 5.1.2305.507 which was the latest I downloaded from the portal, and conducted an in place upgrade.

When you have a second can you close the ConfigMgr console, add this registry key to enable debug logging, open the console and run the action, and then send the Recast Console Extension log files that are generated in C:\Users\UserAccount\AppData\Roaming\Recast Software\Logs? to support@recastsoftware.com