About the Right Click Tools Community- Ask Me Anything category

On Nov 16th & 17th Recast is giving our Right Click Tools community users got 48 hours to ask any questions around Right Click Tools or other Recast Software products. This is the perfect opportunity to get your questions answered by industry experts.

AMA Tips for Success:

The theme of this AMA is Recast products so ensure your questions are around Right Click Tools, Endpoint Insights, Shift Left, Privilege Manager or Application Manager.

To submit your questions, create a new topic under the “Right Click Tools Community- Ask Me Anything” category.

We’ll be receiving a lot of questions so it’s helpful to check to see if your questions have already been answered before submitting.

Be polite! You get more bees with honey after all. :honey_pot:

If you have any support needs, please direct your questions to www.recastsoftware.com/support and our team will get with you regarding your technical needs for use of our products.