"Access is Denied" when Performing Client Actions

Hi all, we recently on-boarded some folks that will be using Right Click Tools for SCCM as part of an effort to patch our fleet of Windows systems. One issue they are running into is an Access is Denied error whenever they try to run Client Actions against our Domain Controllers.

I have reviewed documentation and see that Administrator privileges are required in order to run Client Actions, but for reasons that are not important we do not want to provide Administrator access to our domain controllers.

Is there a way to run Client Actions against SCCM devices without being an Administrator on those devices?

You may be able to do something like this to allow non-administrators to run client actions: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/wmisdk/securing-a-remote-wmi-connection#allowing-users-access-to-a-specific-wmi-namespace

The namespace you’ll want to give them access to is root\ccm.