Active Directory Cleanup Tool - Limited search depth?

Hey guys,
working with the Active Directory Cleanup Tool, it seems like there is a limit to the search depth for computer objects. When selecting a OU with few levels of sub-OUs, the contained computer objects are displayed correctly as being both in AD and SCCM. Selecting the top OU (DC=my,DC=domain) only very few AD objects are discovered. My gut says that there seems to be a limit in search depth (like about 5 levels of sub-OUs) but also the few discovered objects only have hostnames starting with A and B (which may be a coincidence or a sign for some other limit when querying).

Is there a way to configure the AD Cleanup Tool and if so, where do I find the settings? Or is this a bug?

Kind regards

Support contacted me and stated it was a bug in versions prior to 4.2.2003. Updated RCT to the most recent version, tried again … and it works. Case closed! :slight_smile: