Add/Remove Programs Issue

Version 2.5.6166.24487 of Recast Free. When using the System Information tool, the Add/Remove Programs section comes up with an error message ‘The network path was not found’. This function works when interrogating Windows 7 workstations but not Windows 10 workstations. All the other tabs within the System Information tool function with any workstation.

We only deploy 64-bit WIN10 and have either 1511 or 1607 updated machines at this time. I can remote in and have local admin rights to all workstations, so I don’t initially suspect a permissions problem. I took a look around the forums and was unable to find a reference to this issue or a possible fix. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

That error is usually caused by the remote registry service being disabled either on the machine you’re running the tool from or on the remote machine. It tries to start the service on the remote machine before retrieving results, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. We have some instructions for enabling the service with group policy here:

That did it! Not sure if we’ll be making the change, as we’ll need to consider the security implications. At least I know why it’s failing and how to correct it. Thanks!