Adding you own PowerShell Scripts to run against collection

I am trying to add my own custom scripts into PowerShell repository in C:\Program Files (x86)\Now Micro\Recast RCT\App_Data\PowerShell. No matter where I add my scripts, they never show up as an option to run against a machine or collection. I have even edited the “Example1.” scripts to add my own functions but they are still not appearing. I have read through the wiki ( yet, all I see available are the 4 examples. Any tricks/workarounds to get my custom scripts available in the central repository? I am running the local option of Enterprise RCT v2.5

Currently the PowerShell scripts are scanned at app startup. For the local version, this means that the “Right Click Tools Desktop” server process running on your box needs to be restarted before the scripts will show up, which involves ending the process and reopening the ConfigMgr console. I plan to make the server rescan the scripts folder whenever you launch the tool in a future version, which would get rid of the need to restart the process.

Hey Chris…I have stopped the process and closed the configmgr console multiple times yet no new scripts appear in the repository :frowning:

Could you zip up your script and send it to The PowerShell plugin is picky about the scripts that will show up - it will only show scripts if they take either a string or an array of strings as inputs because that’s how it will pass in the computer names. Functions that take an array of strings as inputs should show up on collections and functions that take a single computer name as input should show up when running the tool on a single device.