Bybassing the DNS Reverse Lookup

I am reviewing the new version of this tool for use within our environment. Unfortunately reverse lookup is not an option in my domain as the domain controllers outside of our local network and its blocked. This is causing an issue for us with the new tools. Here is what im getting when i try to launch any of the tools.

Error - “Computername” resolves to “” // “” resolves to // No match indicates DNS problems. Flush your DNS cache and try again.

My question… Is there a way to bypass this through the scripts? If not can there be an option put in the configuration menu to allow the disabling of the DNS Lookup requirement? Since all functions appear to be performed through Powershell scripts cant we setup an option to just verify the NETBIOS name of the computer, use the address feild, or just bypass this step all together? I realize this is unconventional but that is unfortuantely the way it works within our agency and this in not usable as nothing will return for any tool.

Thanks for the feedback. There is currently not a way to bypass the DNS reverse lookup in the scripts.

If you cannot enable reverse lookups on your DNS server, one option is to continue to use the 2.1 version of the tools as this feature is not present in that version. Another option is to use the Recast Enterprise Tools as they have the capability of disabling DNS reverse lookups globally.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately i don’t have a need for the Recast Enterprise at this time, as the majority of its functionality would be unused in my organization. I will go back to the 2.1 and wait for further information.
I know this seems like an odd situation but some Govt organizations will not allow reverse DNS lookup for security reasons. I do understand the need for the lookup as a verification tool, but having the tools not work if it cant do the lookup seems like a bad idea. The original right click tools were recommended to me by a fellow SCCM Admin in a similar environment to mine a long time ago, and are used by alot of my peers.

I really do like the tools and hope they continue to advance with the new release. If you have need in the future for testing please let me know and i will be glad to assist.

Where can I download version 2.1 of the tools?

The 2.1 tools can be downloaded here:

This is a seriously annoying new “feature”. Our DNS does resolve, both forwards and backwards - it’s just that our Active Directory is not the master DNS server.
i.e.: COMPUTERNAME is, which resolves to w.x.y.z.
w.x.y.z. resolves to
I get what you’re trying to do - ensure admins are hitting the right machine(s) - but it’s presumptuous to assume that the AD dynamic DNS is the only/authorative DNS, that any organisation using SCCM is assumed to be a pure Windows shop.
And now running into this… feature… has caused my remote productivity to plummet, since everything that used to “just work” now requires effort to workaround, or else wait for overnight or longer for processes to occur naturally.

Thanks for the feedback. We will look into making this optional in the next version. In the mean time, you can use the 2.1 version of the tools by downloading them from the link above. Additionally, the Recast Enterprise Tools have the option to disable this feature.

We’ve released the 2.4 version of the Recast RCT Free tools that has configurable DNS Reverse Lookups:

Thanks. Already downloaded and testing them. Seem to be a few new options and being able to disable to Reverse Lookup is great. Appreciate the work.