Cannot Add Users to User Collections Error: Generic Failure

When I try to add a user I know to be invalid, i receive an error message stating “Could not find [username]”

But when I enter a valid username, in any format i can think of, i (we actually) receive the Error Generic Failure.

This happens irrespective of what format we enter the username, domain\username fqdn\username etc.


This happens with the last three versions we have installed (three of us on the team).

It’s because the tool is using a WQL query in the backend to find the user and ‘’ is a special character. You can use domain_username, domain\\username or %username to find the user as a workaround. We’ll try to make the user experience better in a future version.

Thanks Chrism thats extremely helpful!

Look forward to improvements there - but even stating on the powershell window the format would be a massive improvement - It is impossible to use without this knowledge, so just state it in the window surely?