Changes to Add Computer(s) To Collection

In previous releases of the Right Click Tools, using the “Add Computer(s) To Collection” function would respond with useful information like “No Resource ID” and “Rule already exists.” This seems to have stopped working in the newest release. Is there a way to get this back?

Thanks for the feedback, we will look into adding this back in a future release. We’ve received quite a bit of feedback about this, so it will likely be added in the next major version.

Thank you. In the meantime I guess I’ll use the new version on a secondary PC and leave the old one in place for now.

Hello. Are there any updates to adding this feature back? At times I need to add machines in bulk to a collection which cannot be done using a query and without showing the results as the machines get added it feels like the process is not working.

We released a beta that has this change. You can download it from our website if you want to try it out: