Client - Cache Details - tick boxes lose ticks on scroll

In Client Information - Cache Details - and tick my selections in preparation for deleting content - then I scroll down, make more selections, then scroll back - the tick boxes have forgotten my selections.

This appears to be a bug, and without trusting my selections to be retained in the list while scrolling , I cannot confidently choose to selectively Delete Content.

Hi Rover,

Thank you for reaching out! Would you be able to verify the version of Right Click Tools you currently have installed and potentially send over a short video of the behavior that you’re seeing by chance?

You can send the video to or



BrandenH, Thanks for responding quickly.

Version is 4.7.2106.3502, using in Community Edition mode.

I won’t be sending video, but hope my problem description is clear enough to reproduce? More/again:
I enter Client Information by right-clicking a computer in Devices, RCT, Client Tools, Client Information.
Cache details - I can either start with none selected, or select all, maybe change back again, then try selecting multiple individual items, scroll, change more selections, scroll back, and selections are forgotton (maybe remembers 1 or two).
I just use scroll wheel on mouse for scrolling, nothing fancy.

While I think of it - would be good to have a way to one-click select all the orphaned packages only (but only after the bug is fixed).

Thank you for the additional information! I’ll get a bug report submitted for our dev team to investigate this further for you.