Console Tools-System Info not working in Windows 10

When trying to look at a Win 10 Machine by selecting System Information the fields do not populate and I get a message on the window saying “No such interface supported” 2 times. Is this not Windows 10 compatible or is it some security feature that needs to be set in Windows 10 to allow this tool to run?

I haven’t seen that error before. Could you send the logs under C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\RecastRCT\Logs to

The tools do work when installed on Windows 10 machines and when remotely connecting to Windows 10 machines. The only requirements are that ICMP echo, remote registry, and remote WMI be allowed through the firewall and configured to run on the remote machine.

That is the information I needed. It looks like we didn’t set the GPO’s for those items in Windows 10. I made the changes and it is working now.