Device Collection Tools missing after upgrade to MEMCM 2010

So now that MEMCM 2010 has been released I can post this question, hoping some of you are already on 2010. Currently in our environment (running an early build of 2010 as part of the TAP Program), after the upgrade it seems that the collection tools (e.g. to add users to a collection) no longer show up when right-clicking on a device collection. This is with version 4.4.2010.3401 (Community version).

All of the other tools are still working fine though. Tested this on multiple devices, all having the same issue. Anyone else seeing this on MEMCM 2010?

Hello! I just tried this in our Dev environment (Running MEMCM 2010) and everything seems to be working for us with collections. It almost seems as if the MEMCM console update wrote over some of the additions that Right Click Tools makes to add the menus in your environment.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Right Click Tools? I would expect that doing that would reset everything back, and then make the needed changes upon reinstallation.

Hi martym!

Yes, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I actually tried it again just now and even cleaned up whatever folders were left in ProgramData etc., also made sure nothing was left in the registry, and then did a clean install.
Still nothing showing up when right-clicking a collection.

Weird thing is a few of my team that also have RCT installed have the same issue.

Can you send some screenshots of what you are seeing to We’d love to see what you are experiencing. Thanks.