DNS Reverse Lookup

In our organization, we have our reverse lookup zone configured differently from the standard. It is, however configured and does provide a response. I understand the need for a reverse lookup in the tools as a security feature, but was it not possible to allow for the fact that internal networks will most likely not have the zone configured with records that match the internet standard?

I love these tools, and am looking into whether or not we can justify purchasing the Enterprise version, but I am often frustrated by these small “gotcha’s”.


Just for clarification, what kind of PTR record is it looking for?

If DNS reverse lookups can’t be used in your environment, you can download the older version of the free tools here: http://rct.nowmicro.com/mediawiki/images/7/7e/Right_Click_Tools_2.1.msi

The Enterprise version has the ability to disable reverse lookups, and we are looking at adding this to the next version of the free tools.

Excellent, thanks.

Just out of curiosity though, what is the format of the PTR record the tool is looking for? My networking department is willing to make changes, but I need to tell them what the tool considers a properly formatted reverse lookup entry.