Error after launching recast enterprise server control panel

Hi all,
after a fresh install of RCT Enterprise Server and launching the control Panel I get

What can be the mistake here?

This is caused by a certificate validation error on the server. It usually means the certificate subject name doesn’t match the URL entered. To fix it, you can either get a new certificate that matches the full URL that you’ve specified in the Recast Control Panel, or change the URL in the Recast Control Panel to match the subject name on the certificate.

This site has some information on changing the Recast Server certificate after installation:

I wanted to create a new certificate, but I don’t have the Option to select a certificate:

It looks like that binding is for http - do you have an https binding as well? It would look something like this.

If not, you can create a new https binding to set the certificate.

Thanks, I had to add a binding and remove the http binding.
Now I installed the Desktop Installation with the Parameters from the Installation of the Server but when I start, I can’t see the right click Tools.

When you say you can’t see the tools, does that mean you don’t see Recast RCT when right clicking on objects in the console, or the tools are grayed out?

I can‘t See the Tools at all.

Could you try running “C:\Program Files\Now Micro\Recast RCT\Install.ps1” as an admin? This should copy the XML files to the right folders.

Thank you. That helped. Quite tricky to install.

Yeah, it sounds like you hit a couple of bugs with the installer. The desktop MSI will occasionally fail to run the install.ps1 file during installation, usually when the device is running a 32-bit version of Windows. This is something we hope to fix in a future version. I’m not sure why the server installation didn’t add the https binding - I haven’t seen this particular issue yet.

We’re reworking the installers for the 3.2 release. Hopefully both of these issues will be addressed in the next version.

At another collegue after installing RCT the right click in the System Center console does not work at all.He clicks right on a device and nothing happens. I noticed this issue is only present in Windows 10.

Can you check that the URL in your collegue’s Configure Recast RCT is the same? What happens when you open that URL in a web browser from your collegue’s device?

At one collegue there was https://https:// written. After removing one https:// it works.

My collegue has this error now:

His account has the helpdesk role

It looks like the helpdesk role is missing a few permissions - I’ve filed a bug to get this fixed in 3.2. As a workaround you can create a new role on the Roles tab in Recast Control Panel and assign the permissions, then assign your colleague to that role.

Also with my user which has admin role the error appears.

What happens when you open the Recast server URL in a web browser from the devices that are throwing the permissions error? It sounds like your tools might not be communicating with the server. Usually it indicates a firewall is blocking communication. Can you verify the relevant port is allowed on your Recast server (usually 444 or 443)?

Firewall is disabled on client and server.

Would you have time tomorrow for a call to troubleshoot? Something went wrong with the installer and I think a remote session would be the quickest way to get the server working.

How can I write you a private message? I don’t want to give my phone number here.