Error when starting service

Hi all,
when I want to start a Service via RCT System Information I get the following error:

Error starting
Error message:
RemoteRegistry: 10

The user which is running SCCM console has Domain admin rights.

Exit code 10 indicates the service was already started. I’ll make a note to translate these error codes in a future release. The System Information tool will try to start the remote registry service automatically, as the Add / Remove Programs tab relies on it. Since each tab is populated on a different thread, it’s likely that the services tab retrieved information about the state of all services on the machine before the add / remove programs tab had a chance to start the remote registry service.

Thanks for the Information.
Then I have another Problem. When selecting open regedit on a device, it opens the registry of the local Computer and not of the remote one.

Unfortunately the Open Regedit feature is a bit prone to failure because it opens Regedit and sends key presses to get to File - Connect Network Registry, and type the computer name. If focus switches at any point, it will cause regedit to launch but not connect to the remote device. We may look into creating a registry browsing tool in the future that doesn’t have this limitation.