Feature Change - 'Install Missing Software Updates'

Hello MicroNow team,

I really love your RCT tool which I installed a couple of days ago for the first time. A lot of great functions. I think my favorite so far is the ‘Install Missing Software Updates’ action.

I don’t want o push my luck too far but would you guys consider adding a ‘reboot’ function for that feature because when you install updates for a whole collection of computers you don’t know when the installation of the updates completed and when you as an admin should restart the computer. If the ‘Install Missing Software Updates’ feature would auto reboot the computer after finishing the installation of the updates then that would resolve the issue…or a checkbox which asks if the computer should be rebooted after the installation is completed would work too.

Just an idea.

I strongly second that! This would be very helpfull. Or have both: ‘Install Missing Software Updates’ and ‘Install Missing Software Updates and reboot’

Best regards

Good idea-- @chrism and I will add it to the feature discussion. Thanks!

Hey, any news on this one?

I don’t believe this is currently planned, however it would be a great thing to post on our Feature Request page to get some additional traction. https://www.recastsoftware.com/feature-requests We are always looking for great features to add to Right Click Tools.