Feature request about Configuration Manager Remote Control

Hi, you’ve made a great tool - RCT Free Tools. It very useful.

But I have a proposal.
Historically we have several AD forests in our filials. And some windows hosts have the same names in different domains.

Today, if we want to use “Configuration Manager Remote Control”, we need to start it manually via runas, and manually type FQDN of the host we want to connect! Because, by default, if we run from the sscm configuration manager Start > Remote Control - it use only netbios names and we can’t connect to our filials.

So, I offer to make additional menu item in “RCT Free Tools” - “Configuration manager remote control” - to automatically run it and start connection with using FQDN.

I think it will be useful not only for us…


I completely second this suggestion :+1::+1:

I know the Configuration Manager product team is planning some updates to Remote Control at the moment. If this ends not being one of the issues they address, we can certainly add it to our feature request list.

Thanks for the suggestion!