Feature request - select only fileds instead of the whole line in result windows

I would like to be able to select only single fields instead of the whole line in a result window.
For example in the ping result window I want to copy only the machine names in the first column not the whole line.
I have no idea if this is easy to realize but it would be very helpful.


Thanks for the suggestion, we’ve had a bit of feedback on making copy / paste support more powerful and also that we should add an export option to the results windows. How are you using the data from the results window? Would an export option with selectable headers be sufficient? Are you executing something against the list of computers, or is it just for data?

Thanks for your feedback.



For example I ping systems in a deployment which are unknown or became an error during installation.
Than I want to copy the client name and inset it in other tools for further investigations.
At the moment I can only ping and then I must type in these names in other tools.
Maybe I´m lazy but it would help me save time :slight_smile: