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What Firewall ports need to be open for RCT to work?

The RCT require Remote Registry and WMI to be allowed over the firewall. If you receive an error message while using the RCT, it will tell you what is being blocked. You can reference this for Common Error Messages (

We’re looking to get RCT working for our remote VPN devices (Direct Access / AlwaysOn). This is currently blocked by our network firewall as the devices are off-prem. What changes do I need to arrange to be made to the firewall in order for this to work please?

For info I’ve already made the required changes on the client firewall.

Hi @Fearless_Fish,

Hope all is well! You will want to leverage Recast Agents in this scenario.

Installing Recast Agents | Recast Docs (



Hi @BrandenH

That’s great thanks. Can I use Recast Agents using the free community edition, or is this licensed do you know?


Happy to assist! Recast Agents require an Enterprise license.

Thanks @BrandenH - will look into this.

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