Generic failure error when adding computer to collection

I have a Right-Click Tools (free version) user who is getting an error when trying to add a computer to a collection via “Recast RCT > Client Tools on Collection > Add Computers to Collection(s).” The error says “Error” in the “Name field” and “Generic failure” in the “Results” field.

I can’t replicate the error. We’re both using the same version of the tool: 3.2.6789.26935.

Doesn’t happen for him with all collections, just some. So far we haven’t been able to detect a pattern for the failures–seemingly random.

Anything to try beyond uninstall/reinstall the Right-Click Tools?

Thank you.

Could you send the logs from %AppData%\RecastRCT\Logs from your colleague’s machine to

Done. Sent 9/27/18. Let me know if you need anything additional. Thanks!

Thanks. Does your colleague have the same ConfigMgr permissions as you? If they’re trying to use the Add Computers to Collection(s) tool on a collection and they don’t have permissions, it might fail with an error similar to the one you’re seeing.

Looks like the issue here WAS permissions related, and now seems to be working for the user. Thanks for your help!