Greyed Out Options

I installed the latest version of the community tools, and now all my options are greyed out. Any suggestions to get this working again?



Hello! Can you verify which version of the tools are giving you the problem? There were a couple of versions that were having issues with grayed out menus, but the newest 4.1.2001 should have fixed the errors that we saw before.

One other thing to check, can you verify that the C:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Licenses folder only has the ‚ÄúRecast RCT Free.license‚ÄĚ file in it? Remove any other files but make sure that the ‚ÄúRecast RCT Free.license‚ÄĚ file exists in that folder.

Rookie mistake, I should have included that. 4.1.1912

The ‚ÄúRecast RCT Free.license‚ÄĚ does exist in programdata


Updating to version 4.1.2001 solved this issue.

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