How do I terminate a scheduled shutdown job

How do I terminate a scheduled shutdown job? I have done the Cancel Pending Restart or Shutdown…but the shutdown still happens every day.

Thank you.

You can either go into Scheduled Tasks on the machine and delete it manually, or you can schedule a new shutdown job with the Right Click Tools with the same scheduled task name. The tool will overwrite the scheduled task with the same name.

The Cancel Pending Restart or Shutdown will only cancel a shutdown that’s in progress - it will not clear out scheduled tasks.

WOW…thank you…I am new to Right Click…I love it…

you made my day a lot better. I have a lab of 40 HP 5800 that will not WOL …NIC driver issues or BIOS…but anyway I had them shutting down but could not get them to WOL thank you

and can you schedule a WOL with Right Click? I am currently using EMCO Remote Shutdown for the last 4 years and really like it…just wondering about WOL for Right Click

Thank you
Jake Schoeder