Install Missing updates empty


I’ve recently tried the Right click client > Client tools > Install Missing software updates. When the remote software centre opens up it is empty - even though I’m doing this from the Software updates deployment status screen where it is telling me which updates are missing.

I’ve not seen this working before so it could be something I’ve missed in the set. I’ve checked: Client Tools: Install Missing Software Updates and the only thing I see to try is to check “Requires the Install Software Updates permission from the ConfigMgr Client plugin” however I’m not sure where or how to check this?

Many thanks,

Hey Stu,

Do those updates show as deployed? Software Center will only display deployed updates. You can change the view on that dashboard to “limit to deployed updates” and the chart will change. Select the non-compliant and see if those updates are in Remote Software Center.


Thanks Courtney.

Now you’ve said that, I wasn’t using the limit to deployed updates option. Now that I am, it still shows me client machines that are missing updates even though the “Deployed” status is failed?

The “limit to deployed updates” will only change the device compliant status in the charts. The updates that have deployed status as false will still show below. If you click on the “deployed” header, you can sort so true will show first for easier viewing.