Insufficient Permission to do anything

We recently applied some security hardening policies on our SCCM servers (pending state audit), and it appears we’ve broken RCT completely. Literally every single function has stopped working. I updated RCT from 3.0 to the latest version (3.2), but that has made no difference.

I just get this message:

Is there any documentation that can tell me what/how RCT accesses the SCCM servers so that I can look at loosening some of the restrictions?

Could you send the logs from %appdata%\RecastRCT\Logs to We should be able to get this sorted out.


Was there a solution to this? I just rolled out RCT Server and am now encountering this. My username has the Administrator role assigned to it, and set the servers delegation in AD. It runs “Gathering Device Information” for a few moments, then shows the same Insufficient Permission message.

Edit: I figured out the solution to mine. In “Configure Recast RCT” on my computer, I had only set the name of the server where I installed RCT Enterprise Server instead of https://:444/MobileToolsEnterprise.svc. After I set that, my tools began working.

Edit2: Also in the server control panel I also was setting the domain plugin incorrectly. I entered the FQDN instead of just the name. This only mattered when using RCT Runner though it seems.

I would also like to know what the resolution was.

Since these are pretty old topics using older versions of Right Click Tools it might make sense to start a new thread. That being said was there anything that was done before you started getting the “insufficient permission” issue? For example did you update your version of Right Click Tools or ConfigMgr?