Insufficient Permissions since March CU


Since installing MS cumulative updates for March 2023 I get the following error for every feature in Right Click Tools: “Insufficient Permissions to run xxxx” where xxxx is the feature being executed.

RECAST Tools version 4.4.2010 Community version. (Appreciate it’s an old’ish version. :slight_smile: )

I know the March CU, (O/S 2019 and 2022), hardens DCOM which I’m assuming is the issue. If this is the issue is there a way to apply a fix to DCOM or RECAST? The previous GP relaxation is now disabled as part of the March CU.

Additionally, in the ‘Configure RECAST RCT’ application most of the options are greyed out on the General screen. Only ‘Run in ConfigMgr Console Process’ is available.

I’m assuming the ‘Community’ version doesn’t have a license expiry date?

Replying to my own message as it may help others!! :slight_smile:

So, it looks like the Community installation has a licence expiry embedded which is causing the problem of ‘Insufficient Permissions’. Changing the date on the host with RECAST installed from 24/04/2023 to 24/04/2022 made the tools function again.