Interactive Command Prompt

Has anyone got this to work? On the old version of these tools, it didn’t use Powershell to open the command prompt. Now that it does, I can’t get it to work. Powershell opens and then closes so fast I can’t see what error it’s throwing. I use this tool a lot, so not having it work really sucks. Any help is greatly appreciated.

What version of the tools are you running?

I just downloaded and installed the latest version. Same results.

Is this in the free tools or the enterprise tools? If it’s the free tools, can you check to make sure that the Interactive Command Prompt option is configured in the Configure Tools menu?

I’m using the free tools. And I also made sure the path to PsExec.exe is correct just like in your picture.

Hi, i know this post is a bit old but i just got into the same issue and was wondering if you managed to get it resolved.

Thank you in advance.

Hi chrism, i am running into the same issue. I have the latest version of the Right Click Tools installed and have made sure to specify the path to PsExec but the issue keeps happening.

Could you please advice what else could i check?

Thank you in advance.

It looks like this will exit immediately if PsExec returns an error. In my testing, it was happening when my account didn’t have enough permissions on the remote machine. To see the error, you can add a Start-Sleep 10 after line 101 of Device - Tools.ps1.