‘Internet URL Whitelist’ feature not applied in Chrome?

I’m unable to make the ‘Internet URL Whitelist’ work even though it is enabled.

We have GPOs and a custom master_preferences files controlling Chrome, so I wonder if something is interfering with how Recast RCT applies the whitelist feature.

I need to understand how this setting is enforced to help diagnose why it doesn’t work when a Lab Management profile is applied to a PC.

Has anyone seen / fixed this issue?

Thanks in advance.


We got around this with a custom shell in our environment.

Shell Path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\Chrome.exe

myaccount.yorksj.ac.uk evision.yorksj.ac.uk --incognito --proxy-server=localhost:1 --proxy-bypass-list=*.yorksj.ac.uk

Adding “https://” and “;” incorrectly launched the tabs