Invalid application pool name


After updating to the latest release I am receiving this error under Server Settings in the Enterprise Server Control Panel. I have verified there is a NMSMS application pool in IIS.

Thanks for any help!



Could you try uninstalling Recast Server, reboot the server, then install the new version again? There should be a Recast RCT Server Pool starting with 3.2.



Thanks. following the procedure above resolved the error of application pool. For some reason now though if I click Show Collections on any asset the window and tabs are blank.



Are you using a service account or impersonation on your server? If it’s a service account, it usually means the service account is missing permissions in the ConfigMgr console. If it’s impersonation, it could indicate an issue with the delegation settings. This page has some more details on what could be going wrong:



I have been using Impersonate with Network Service. I switched to specific user and restarted the app pool. Thanks for your help it’s all working now!