Kiosk Manager - Application not relaunching?

Hello there!

We’ve been utilizing RCT Kiosk Manager to run a few kiosk workstations utilizing microsoft edge chromium, which go direct to an internal webpage in maximized window (fullscreen) mode and to relaunch the application upon close. They’ve been working out great until today, for some reason, although the configuration files haven’t changed, the behavior has - even when I pull/repush the kiosk profile, some machines will load edge in just a small window with the address bar visible while others load it in fullscreen as desired, however more concerning is the close behavior is not working at all anymore - if someone alt-F4’s edge, it closes to a black screen as usual, but never relaunches.

This is, of course, causing a major issue for us, since the functionality we need requires users to alt-f4 out of a session when completed so it reloads the kiosk for the next user.

The workstations are Win10 Enterprise 20H2, and we have not rolled any new patches to them, nor have we made any (known) changes to them. I’m utilizing RCT 4.7.2107.2301 Enterprise.

On the clients I can see the recast software in Program Files\Recast Software\Shell, and see the config.json and kiosk xml’s and they look correct, the recastshell.exe is still being loaded in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon,

so I’m at a bit of a loss as to what might have changed. Any help?

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Replying to myself here in case anyone else is running into the same thing - Looks like the issue is actually edge chromium, it’s launching 7 processes, only one of which is visible. Alt-F4ing the visible window kills it, but since all the other processes are still running, it appears that the recast launcher isn’t detecting that it’s closed, so doesn’t trigger the relaunch.


Maybe you could change the config to not do full screen so the user can use the “x” to close the browser. Then see it it relaunches? Just a thought. :slight_smile: I just deployed my first kiosk and love the convenience of deploying / removing via RCT.

We are having the same issue. Along with not being able to remove a profile once applied. I have opened a ticket with support, after their investigation, it has been listed as a defect… 200+ kiosk in production with no resolution atm.

I’m having the same issue as well. Has anyone had any success closing multiple Edge processes?

We are having the same issue with the browser not relaunching, however, we do not want our users to close the browser, so we have selected the “Kiosk Mode” option. It only applies part of the time and it’s inconsistent which of our 5 kiosks will or wont apply to.