Kiosk Manager Profile: Where are they stored?

Hi folks!

I am using Right Click Tools and have started playing around with the Kiosk manager. Do the Kiosk profiles get stored anywhere in particular? I’d like to share it with my colleagues without each of them having to recreate it.



Thank you for contacting the Recast Software Support Team. I’d be happy to assist. Kiosk manager profiles are stored at the locations below, depending on if you use Right Click Tools as a standalone or with the Recast Management Server:

Right Click Tools with Recast Management Server:
Profiles are stored in the RecastManagementServer SQL Database on the server where RMS is installed.

Right Click Tools Standalone:
Profiles are stored on the device where the profile was created at C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Recast Software\ManagementDB.sqlite

Please refer to this doc for more info: Kiosk Manager Overview | Recast Docs (


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