Kiosk Manager - Schedule Deployment - Doesn't work

We have been using Kiosk Manager for a couple months. Today I udpated a profile and wanted to deploy it. If I hit deploy immediately everything works fine, but if I try to ‘Schedule Deployment’ nothing happens.

I’ve tried setting the start date/time about 20 minutes in the future and the end date/time about 20 minutes after the start time. I’ve tried setting the repeat interval to 0 and to 4 minutes.

Has anyone been able to get the Schedule Deployment to work successfully?

Hi doughertyp,
Thank you for contacting the Recast Support Team. I would be happy to assist you. Can you see if you are able to schedule a restart 24 hours into the future?

I’m sure it will let me schedule one 24 hours in the future. I can try that as a test. Are you thinking it didn’t work because I wasn’t giving it enough time into the future? Are there any other settings I should set?
What should I put for the End Date or Repeat Interval? I’m now seeing that those aren’t required fields, so maybe I should leave them blank?

The other fields are not required so you can leave it blank for testing purposes. I do believe that there wasn’t enough time into the future for the schedule deployment to work.

It looks like even if I give it a day and also leave End Date and Repeat Interval blank, it never runs. The applied profile status still shows a previous date. When I go to scheduled task results it shows the name of the one I created but never any results (because it never ran).

Is anyone able to schedule a Kiosk Manager Profile deployment?