Lastest free version installed and no longer working at all


I updated to the latest version of the free RCT, but upon running any rick-click operations, nothing is appearing! Is there a link to downoad the previous version as I really need to roll back!

Thanks for a great product, though.


I have the same problem. I had a previous installer backed up and I removed this new version and installed the previous one. Nothing still works. I haven’t been able to reboot the server now, so I don’t know if that’s the reason. I’ll reboot it this evening, so after that I know, if it helps.

I performed a reboot straight after the installation. Now I’m worried we’re going to be without it for the forseable future! Wish I kept the older installer now (and not bothered updating). Schoolboy error!

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Managed to recover the older version from a backup, but it seems as though the new version doesn’t uninstall properly. I found that uninstalling the new version, then deleting the nowmicro folders in program files (x86) and programdata then installing the old version seems to have fixed it for now. :slight_smile:

sigh of relief

Thanks for the tip, it works! Glad you had that older version from a backup, I was alredy uploading it for sharing, but no need anymore. :slight_smile:

When you say nothing is appearing, do you mean Recast RCT is missing from the right click menu? We’ve seen issues where the installer doesn’t run the C:\Program Files (x86)\Now Micro\Recast RCT\install.ps1 script to copy the XML files to the ConfigMgr console folders. We’re working to fix this issue for the 3.2 release, but in the meantime you can manually run that script as administrator after the installation to get the tools in the console.

It’s not missing from the menu. But when clicking any of the tools, e.g. Rerun Advertisement, nothing happens. Only working exception seems to be the “Add Computers to Collection(s)” option.

That sounds like a bug. Could you email the logs from “C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\RecastRCT\Logs” to

This is strange. I reinstalled the latest version now, in order to send the logs, and now it seems to be working just fine. Maybe the folder cleanup Brawny mentioned after removing it earlier today fixed the problem? So I can’t replicate the problem now.

Sorry, should have been clearer on that - it’s the same as Jylppy said for me, menus appear, but nothing seemed to happen when tasks are selected. I can attempt a reinstall and send logs too if needed?

Further to this, I can confirm that removing the old installation folders and installing the latest version now works for me too.

Thanks for the update, glad to hear the new version is working for you. We’re in the process of rewriting the installer for 3.2, so hopefully we’ll have less of these issues going forward.

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