Licence or mgmt server url requests window at deployments

after update to latest version of RCT and RecastMGMTServer, we receiving window with request for login to internet account or to provide url to management server. We have valid licence with working Recast Management server. This requests happens, when You try to run any tool from MECM console at: monitoring/deployments/ “any deployed software to any collection”. But if I provide those informations and adress to RecastMgmtServer is validated, nothing happens. Tool is not executed. If I try to run tool again, it asks for same infomations repeatedly. If I run same tools on collection, where apllications is deployed to, everything works.

Hello! Thanks for your patience! We are working through some licensing issues in 4.6.2103. For now we’d recommend using 4.5.2102 until we get the issue fixed.

Hello. Today, we applied new version released 21.4.2021. Problem with license is gone, but we have another new one:
Insufficient Recast Permissions. This happens everywhere. Not only on deployed apps in Monitoring, but in collections too. Thanks.

Hi. So did I and I got exactly the same error message “Insufficient recast Permissions” My Coworkers that hasn´t upgraded their SCCM consoles with the latest RCT (They run Right Click Tools-4.5.2102.4501) can still use it even if the server is upgraded to the latest version.

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Hello! Can you verify that the version you are running is version 4.6.2103.5201 of Right Click Tools? We had a bug in version 4.6.2103.5003 that was causing the behavior you are experiencing, which should be fixed in the newest version.


Hello! Yes it was I had 4.6.2103.5003, downloaded 4.6.2103.5201 this morning and now it works as expected. Happy Day!