"Local Actions plugin"

What is the “Local Actions plugin” and where can I get it? I have installed RMS and can run policy cycles and other RCT tools on remote machines that have the agent installed but I am not able to run “Open Client log file folder”. In my troubleshooting I found a reference to the “Local actions plugin” but can not find information on it.

Hello there,

Are you seeing an error when attempting to launch the client log file folder action? If so, does it say “insufficient recast permissions” or “access denied”? If “insufficient recast permissions” is getting thrown, it would be helpful to verify that the role you’ve been assigned in RMS has been granted the “Read” and “Open” privileges for the “Filesystem” permissions category.



No, I am running as admin will all rights. With pig first turned on it fails with can not reach host, with it turned off it just fails. I can reach the host because I can run other tools I just can not open the C$ share or log folders.

When you have a second, can you please confirm if you’re able to access the c$ share on the same device manually outside of Right Click Tools?