Minor Flaw in Laps Dashboard

The Laps dashboard I believe scans for the application name “Local Administrator Password Solution” but i believe it must be set to scan for exactly that.
The issue with that is, if the Laps admin console is installed on a machine, that machine will show as no laps client in the recast Laps dashboard.
The application name for the admin console is “Local Administrator Password Solution Admin Console” and it removes the entry for “Local Administrator Password Solution” as it also contains the LAPS client, and LAPS is indeed still installed and working for that machine.
The product code for Laps and Laps admin console are different too if scanning is done that way.
If a machine has the admin console installed, it should not appear in the “not installed” part of that dashboard.

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Hi there,

Thank you for letting us know. I’ll share this information with our dev team and let you know as soon as a fix is released.