New Feature: Status Messages

I’ve figured out how to add status messages to objects in the console to quickly see all status messages about that object. I wanted to see if any of you could think of additional status messages other than the ones I thought of:

Distribution Points: All PXE Messages for DP

All messages for these objects:
Distribution points
Content (see all messages for that Image you’re trying to distribute)
Users (from Users node and security to see what CM admins have done)
Deployments (Track the progress of task sequences in real time!)

Let me know if you think of any others!

How about packages or applications? We have issues where someone accidentally deletes packages, and we have to go back and see who did it. I know for deleted items, it wont help, but modified for sure.

I could put one on the Packages node that only checks for deleted packages.

Ohh that would be nice, maybe allow it to be configurable, only show deleted packages for last X days, etc. Great idea!