New RCT enterprise install 5.1.2303.1503, no SCCM console menu and failure to activate license error

I’ve been working through the install of RCT enterprise. This is for a client who manages the licensing/software with recast. I was provided with the installer and a license file from the portal (i have no access to the portal myself).

I’ve installed the software on an SCCM DP. The IIS site is working fine and I have an agent communicating. I installed the proxy and the tests with AD and sccm pass.
After the install, i did not get any new menu item in the SCCM console.

In the app eventlog i also have .net runtime error stating it failed to activate the license (failed connection to the server does not have internet access and i cannot give it internet access.

The licensing menu in the portal shows that i have community, enterprise, kiosk manager and automation and all an OK status.

In the recastmanagementserver log in programdata..\logs i also have a fairly constant: authorization failed. denyanonymousauthorizationrequirement: requires an authenticated user failure.

The doc also mentions that the tools install location is in the following folder but i do not have this either.
Recast Software Version 5: C:\Program Files(x86)\Recast Software\Recast Console Extension


Hi there,

When you have a second, can you please send a screenshot of your add remove programs with the Recast Console Extension listed? This would be a separate installation from RMS. It’s also possible the hierarchy settings might be preventing the console extension from being leveraged. Right Click Tools Do Not Appear In The ConfigMgr Conso



Thanks for the link - i’ve checked that in sccm console and it’s not selected.
I was actually only provided the installer for ‘recast management server’ and ‘recast agent’.
Is the console extension install not part of the management server msi / installer?

No problem. The Right Click Tools installation isn’t part of the Recast Management Server or Recast Agent installations. It’s a standalone install. You can register an account for free at, download the Right Click Tools installer, and use the same installer to complete the Right Click Tools installation and connect to your Recast Management Server with all of the enterprise features available.