No endpoint listening at net.pipe

Error: There was no endpoint listening at net.pipe

RecastServerService - username then it adds a number on the end of our usernames

I think this is because we use a # at the end of our admin accounts, is there a work around for this issue?

This is caused by the “Right Click Tools Desktop.exe” process shutting down. The process is started when the ConfigMgr console starts and is supposed to remain running to listen for new requests from the Recast tools. If you close and reopen your ConfigMgr console, do you still see the issue?

I’ll try to make the tools more resilient to this error in the future by relaunching that process if they can’t connect.

Hi Chrism

This is a screenshot of the error we are getting.

My admin account is just matthew.tough# but its added a number at the end.

If i look at the processes running “Right Click Tools Desktop.exe” is still running.

We have tried an admin account that doesn’t have a # at the end and it is working correctly, fortunately in our environment we are stuck to using # accounts.

Any help to work around this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reporting this issue, a fix is checked in for the 3.0 release and I updated the beta to include the fix. If you want you can use the 3.0 beta until the final version is ready:


Thanks Chris
This is working perfectly on version 3.0.