RCT 3.2.6887 Disable Automatic check for updates?

We are using the community version of RCT and I am trying to deploy it but I need to make sure “automatically check for updates” is disabled. I am not finding a way to do this, I thought it was a registry key but procmon points to keys that don’t seem to matter as I’ve deleted the path and nothing changes. I found the config.xml in %appdata% and changed that to false but it didn’t seem to make any changes either. Is there a way to control this check?

Setting AutomaticallyCheckForUpdates to false in configuration.xml would do it. Keep in mind, this is user specific, so you would have to script copying this file to each user profile on the machine in C:\Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\RecastRCT.

I am curious why you would want this disabled in the first place. It doesn’t automatically update. Rather it just notifies you if an update is available. Sitting on older versions is typically not a good idea as you miss out on bug fixes and feature enhancements.