RCT 3.2 Security Tools? DNS Reverse Lookup?

Hey there,
those features are greyed out why is that?

also on 2.4 it was possible to reverse dns lookup how can i do that with this version?
If the Reverse DNS Lookup option is enabled, then the tools will attempt to perform a reverse lookup against your DNS servers to determine if the computer name returned matches the computer name that the tool was run against. If this name doesn’t match, it will give an appropriate message. By default the Reverse DNS Lookup option is disabled as not all environments will have reverse lookups enabled on their DNS servers.

thanks in advance =)

The greyed out features are part of the enterprise tools. You can find more information on them here: https://enterprise.recastsoftware.com/

We do still have DNS reverse lookups as an option. You can enable it by going into Start - Configure Recast RCT and checking the “Reverse DNS Lookup when Pinging Computers” option.